Parenting Time

Parenting Time Orders establish how parenting time will be exercised, or the schedule the child will spend
with each parent. Some orders are very general, and others are very specific. A Parenting Time Order is in
addition to a Custody Order.  

The statute sets forth presumptions regarding parenting time.  
 MCL 722.27a states as follows:

  • Parenting time shall be granted in accordance with the best interest of the child.
  • It is presumed to be in the best interest of a child to have a strong relationship
    with both parents.
  • Parenting time shall be granted to a parent in a frequency, duration and time
    reasonably calculated to promote a strong relationship between the child and parent.
  • A child has a right to parenting time absent a threat of harm. 

If parents agree on parenting time the court will often order such.  Generally, most parents do a better
job determining what is in the best interest of their child then the Court. Parents are encouraged to do so.
The court facilitates decision making whenever possible. Listed below are a few resources regarding parenting
time matters.  

For a more thorough discussion of parent time, modification, enforcement please visit
Michigan Parenting Time Guidelines. (PDF)  


Resources To Consider

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