Making a Payment

The Friend of the Court accepts only checks or money orders payable to MiSDU.

To make a payment online, please visit MiSDU.

To make a payment by phone call 877-543-2660.

You can mail Child Support payments to MiSDU using the Coupon Form (PDF).

For more payment options, please visit MiSDU.

Receiving a Payment

To sign up for a debit card or direct deposit please visit MiSDU.

To change or update bank account deposit information print, complete and mail
this Direct Deposit Authorization Form(PDF) You can also find this form on the
MiSDU website here.

For other methods of receiving support visit MiSDU.

Debit card issues

For lost or stolen cards or problems relating to an issued debit card, contact
Way2Go Card by phone 844-649-9843 or visit the website.