MiChild Support

You can create and access your child support account online! 

Every employer, payer or recipient of child support can set up an account that allows you to access child support information 24/7.  Online you can do the following:

Contact Us

If you have difficulty setting up your account or have questions, please contact the
Manistee Friend of the Court office at 231-723-7242 and we will assist.

Important Information about self-representation in court

Many people do not know the laws and procedures that govern court proceedings. It is usually
recommended that the parties hire attorneys to represent them. But sometimes people decide to
represent themselves in child custody, parenting time, and child support matters. 

Michigan law requires the friend of the court offices to distribute “do-it-yourself” forms
to people who are interested in representing themselves in a child support, parenting time, or
custody matter. These forms are often called “pro se” or “in pro per” packets. You can pick up motion
forms for your case from the friend of the court office or print forms from our website.

If you choose to represent yourself, please take the time to familiarize yourself with your upcoming court
proceedings. Information about going to court is available at the Michigan Legal Help website.

Approval of Court Orders and Judgements of Divorce

The Friend of the Court must approve all orders that address child related issues, including the following:

  • Judgment of Divorce with Children
  • Uniform Child Custody Order
  • Uniform Child Support Order
  • Order modifying Custody, Parenting Time, or Child Support from a prior Order
  • Stipulated Order addressing any child related matter.

The Judge will not sign your order unless and until the Friend of the Court has approved the Order. The purpose of the approval is to make sure that all information is present that is required and to assure we have compliance with the Michigan Statutes.

Please mail or deliver your Original Orders that have been signed by all parties and attorneys at least 5 days before your scheduled hearing to the FOC office. The Friend of the Court will review and either approve the Orders or advise of changes that are required. You want to make sure the Orders are submitted in advance of the hearing in case changes or corrections are required.

If you have questions about this process you can contact your caseworker.