Fine and Cost Schedule

  1. Ticket / Citation Process
  2. Common Violations

How to Proceed Once You’ve Received a Citation

Admitting Responsibility

If you wish to plead guilty or admit responsibility and pay your fines and costs, determine the amount owed by checking the list of common violations listed on this page. After you have determined the correct amount owed, make a payment in one of the following ways:

  • Pay by Check: Sign the back of the ticket where appropriate, and make a check or money order payable to the 85th District Court (do not mail cash). Be sure to write the ticket number on your check/money order.
  • Paying in Person: You may pay in person by visiting a cashier at the 85th District Court. Please note payment in coin is not accepted.
  • Electronic Payments / Credit Card: The Court does not have the capability of receiving electronic payments. If you wish to make payment with your credit card, please call Government Payment Services at 888-604-7888. You will need to give them Pay Location Code Number 1036 along with your ticket number. To make a payment online, visit our online payment portal; please note that they will charge you a fee for this service. Also, make sure that "85th District Court Manistee" is selected.

Contesting the Citation

If you wish to contest the citation, please contact the Court at 231-723-5010.

Failure to Respond

Failure to respond to the citation in the prescribed manner will result in a default fee being assessed, suspension of your driving privileges (reinstatement fee required), and a 20% late fee being assessed if the fine is 56 days overdue.