Manistee County Planning Department provides the following services to communities it has under contract.

Services Key

The key below will assist citizens in identifying available services within their communities.

  • Code Enforcement (CE)
  • Floodplain Administration (FA)
  • Land Division (LD)
  • Zoning Administration (ZA)

Communities and Services Provided

  • City of Manistee (ZA)       
  • Arcadia Township (CE, LD, ZA)
  • Bear Lake Township (CE, ZA)
  • Onekama Township (CE, FA, ZA)
  • Bear Lake Village (CE, LD, ZA)
  • Eastlake Village (CE, ZA)
  • Onekama Village (CE, ZA)

Countywide Services

Manistee County provides other services listed below.  
These services may or may not come with additional/negotiated fees and are subject to Staff availability. 

  • Addressing
  • Community Education and Outreach
  • GIS and Map Creation
  • Grant Writing
  • Master Plan Creation
  • Planning Services
  • Soil Erosion