Grant Application & Expense Report

2024 Cycle I Application Form for Grant of Compact Revenues

(Revised December 4, 2008)


  1. All Applications must be in a typewritten format.
  2. Each individual Application must be submitted on a separate application form.
  3. Each Applicant must submit five copies of each completed application form.
  4. All applications must be filled out completely. All applicants required to complete questions 1 through 7, 12 through 14, and 16 and 17. All other questions to be completed depending upon grant category.
  5. All applications must be approved by the Governing Body of the entity with the signature of the Governing Board Chairperson.
  6. All applications must be submitted by a government entity.

Any applications that do not meet these requirements will be rejected.

Attach additional pages as necessary.

Submitting Your Application

Submit completed application form at the offices of the Local Revenue Sharing Board for the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians/State of Michigan Gaming Compact ("Local Revenue Sharing Board") located at:
Manistee County Controller/Administrator’s Office
Manistee County Courthouse
415 Third Street
Manistee, MI 49660

Grant application envelopes should be plainly marked "Revenue Sharing Board Grant Applications." Applications must be filed on the date indicated to remain eligible for grant consideration. Each applicant bears the burden of demonstrating its eligibility to receive a grant pursuant to the Compact and the Local Revenue Sharing Board’s bylaws.

Application Form

Download the latest grant application: 2024 Cycle I will be available February 5, 2024.


  • Deadline for 2024 Cycle I Applications: Friday, March 8, 2024.

Grant Award Expense Report

The expense report must be completed and returned, no more than 180 days after the grant is awarded, to:
Manistee Local Revenue Sharing Board Administrative Office
c/o Manistee County Controller/Administrator
415 Third Street
Manistee, MI 49660

Failure to complete and return this form will result in action by the Revenue Sharing Board which may include a demand for reimbursement of grant dollars. This form can be returned by fax at 231-723-1795. All information must be completed on this form.

Download the Grant Award Expense Report Form (PDF).