Marriage License

To obtain a Marriage License:

  1. One of the Applicants must be a resident of Manistee County. Out of State Residents must be getting married at a location within Manistee County.
  2. Each Applicant must present a Certified Birth Certificate with a raised seal on it.
  3. Each Applicant must know their Social Security Number.
  4. Each Applicant must present a Current Driver’s License or State ID.
  5. After applying, there is a three day waiting period (3 working days) to pick up the License.

The License is valid for thirty-three days from the application date anywhere in the State of Michigan.

Marriage License Applications must be submitted in person by filling out the Affidavit for License to Marry (PDF)


  • Manistee County Residents: $20
  • Out of State Residents: $30
  • Waiver of three day waiting period (at discretion of the County Clerk): $50