Dive Team

The Manistee County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team has been servicing Manistee County’s underwater search and recovery needs for over three decades. The team was started when a few deputies using their own resources, purchased equipment for the purpose of underwater search and recovery.

The team is comprised of five members: four from the Manistee County Sheriff’s Office and one from the Manistee City Police Department.

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Divers are trained for body and property recovery in all bodies of water presented in Manistee County, including deep water, rivers and currents, and ice operations.

Divers are certified in Open Water, Advanced Open Water, River and Ice Diving.

Multiple Divers in the Water
Ice Diving Exercise

Diving Gear

Each diver is equipped with an exposure suit appropriate for inclement weather and cold temperatures encountered for all operations. Divers are also equipped with wireless AGA face-masks, allowing diver-to-diver and diver-to-surface communications.

Northern Michigan Mutual Aid Response Team

The Manistee County Dive Team is a member of the Northern Michigan Mutual Aid Response Team. They respond to surrounding counties request for divers and offer assistance to participating counties in Northern Michigan.