Manistee County Administration, Manistee, Michigan
Wednesday, 20 June 2018
Public Act 69 E-mail

The State of Michigan requires every Michigan county to develop and implement a solid waste management plan. The purpose of solid waste management plans include protecting public health, assuring adequate disposal capacity for all waste generated within the county and establishing goals for waste prevention and recycling.

According to the Manistee County solid waste management plan, the County, the City, as well as the Townships and Villages, are responsible for funding and providing recycling, composting, and hazardous waste collection programs in Manistee County. In order to continue providing recycling programs that are consistent with the County Solid Waste Management Plan, adequate funding is necessary.

Recycling opportunities are available throughout Manistee County are currently funded independently by the Townships or Villages or through inter-local agreements with the County. These inter-local agreements provide a coordinated recycling program that utilizes Public Act 69 as a recycling funding mechanism.

Manistee County is working to implement PA69 recycling programs within communities throughout the county in an effort to increase recycling opportunities for all residents.


How PA 69 works:

Public Act 69 (PA69) allows Michigan Counties, townships and municipalities to voluntarily enter into an inter-local agreement to fund local residential recycling drop-off programs. If a Township chooses to participate, the county will work with the Township to design, set up and implement a recycling drop-off location within that community.

PA69 offers each township board the option of placing a fee on the tax bills of residential improved parcels in order fund their community’s recycling program. The Manistee County Board of Commissioners approved the recycling assessment at $13.00 per improved residential parcel per year. PA 69 limits the assessments to no more than $25.00 per improved parcel per year.

The revenues collected for this program are held with the County Treasurer and used solely for recycling program administration, collection and processing of recyclables, site monitoring and public education.


Benefits to communities participating in PA 69:

• Minimal program administration and improved use of Township staff: under PA69, recycling collection service is negotiated and contracted by the County, providing the opportunity for townships to reduce expenditures in staff time to oversee and manage a township-run recycling program.

• Site Monitoring: Local site monitors are hired to inspect and maintain PA69 recycling sites on a weekly basis in order to maximize space, minimize contamination and keep the site clean.

• Recycling education and information is essential to the success of recycling programs by providing consistent, accurate information and guidelines to reduce contamination and increase recovery.

• PA69 provides communities and its residents with access to a County-contracted recycling coordinator and centralized information on all available recycling and special waste handling.

• Recycling volume and financial reports provided quarterly

• Recycling guidelines flyer and toll-free recycling hotline for communities and residents – 855-2goZero

• Recycling and waste reduction presentations to groups and organizations

• Residential recycling surveys

• Educational display booth at events

• Volunteer opportunities for residents at

• Detailed recycling information available through Manistee 211.

• Coordinated recycling services and economies of scale: Currently non-participating Townships are independently negotiating recycling services and pricing for the exact same service varies among local communities. As more Townships participate in the PA69 Recycling Program, the County will have more negotiating power for contracted collection services and increase the shared benefit of cost savings.


Additional benefits to communities becoming a part of Manistee County’s PA69 recycling program:

• PA69 recycling sites are provided with new recycling containers with Manistee County logo and program signage.

• 24/7 availability of the recycling drop-off sites.

• The recycling program supports the local economy by bringing residents into business districts of Townships.

• PA69 supports local schools. Two of the five PA69 recycling also host Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) paper recycling trailers. PCA paper recycling trailers are located at the Okenama and Betsie Valley sites. Promotion for the PA69 Recycling Program includes the PCA School Fundraiser Program.

• The recycling program has attracted recycling businesses to the County.

• Visitors from larger metropolitan areas are accustomed to recycling. The availability of recycling while away from home is a positive reason to vacation in Manistee County.

• Recycling is an activity that is viewed as protecting the environment and therefore aligns with the image of Manistee County as a paradise of vast natural beauty.

• Recycling is a key component of Manistee County Solid Waste Plan and the PA69 program supports the goals and objectives of the plan.


Goal of PA 69

Providing Manistee County residents with a cost-effective, standardized recycling program that is accessible county-wide is the ultimate goal of the PA69 Program. When the majority of Townships are participating, recycling will be accessible throughout Manistee county, be open to all residents regardless of the township they reside in, and the costs will be shared equally across the program. This will also allow for more consistent recycling program education.

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