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Monday, 30 March 2020
Recycling in Manistee County E-mail

Manistee County is working to expand and enhance recycling opportunities to meet the needs of County residents.

Please locate your community in the list below to find the recycling drop-off location that services your area.

For additional information or to share suggestions and comments, contact the County Controller / Administrator's office at 231-398-3500.





Recycling in Manistee County by Community:

  • Arcadia Township, Brown Township, Cleon/Copemish Township, Maple Grove/Kaleva Township, Marilla Township, Onekama Township, Springdale Township. Manistee Co Recycling Flier

  • Bear Lake Township: Contact Bear Lake Township for recycling information at 231-864-3620.

  • City of Manistee: Contact City of Manistee for recycling information at 231-723-2558. City of Manistee website

  • Dickson Township: Contact Dickson Township for recycling information at 231-477-5885.

  • Filer Township: Contact Filer Township for information at 231- 723-3138. Filer Township website

  • Manistee Township: Contact Manistee Township for recycling information at 231-723-6507. Manistee Township website

  • Norman Township: Contact Norman Township for recycling information at 231-848-4564.

  • Pleasanton Township: Contact Pleasanton Township for recycling information at 231-864-2584. Pleasanton Township website

  • Stronach Township and Manistee County Residents: Recycling drop-off at Republic Service located at 3890 Camp Road. Contact Stronach Township for recycling information at 231-723-7983.

Please contact your community offices to verify location, hours and recyclable materials accepted.



PCA Cardboard/Paper Recycling Trailers

Recycling collection trailers are provided by Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) as a fundraiser for schools. The schools are responsible for managing the cardboard and paper at the drop-off trailers and are paid for the material collected.

Trailers are located the following sites for cardboard and paper recycling:

  • Kaleva recycling site

  • Old Kennedy School, Parkdale

  • Manistee Catholic Central

  • Wellston Transfer Station

  • Old high school in Brethren

  • Betsie Valley School

  • Onekama Township Hall




How is Recycling Beneficial?


  • Recycling turns materials that would otherwise become garbage into valuable resources. Collecting used bottles, cans and newspapers and taking them to a recycling facility is the first in a series of steps that generates a host of financial, environmental and social benefits.


  • Recycling reduces the need for landfilling and the need for new landfills.


  • Recycling creates manufacturing jobs.


  • Recycling saves energy: recycling requires less energy than extraction and processing of raw natural resources.


  • Recycling creates less greenhouse gas than landfilling.


  • Recycling conserves natural resources including timber, water and minerals.


  • Recycling helps to sustain our environment for future generations.


  • Recycling takes materials that would otherwise end up in landfills and gives them a second chance at becoming a new product.






Download the Manistee County Recycling Flyer:

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